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Phono Amplifier
Canofer and Canofer S

Technical Details
  • length: 437 mm
  • height: 105 mm
  • width: 267 mm
  • Enclosure:
    anodized aluminium
  • Input sensitivity (200mV output):
    MM-40dB / MC -60dB
    2,0mV / 0,2mV / 1kHz
  • Input impedance (MM):
    50 k / 90 pF
  • Max. input voltage:
    110 mV (bei 1 kHz)
  • Distortion factors (200 mV output):
    100 Hz > 0,001%
    1kHz > 0,001%
    20 kHz > 0,001%
  • Distortion factor with overdriving (+32 dB; 8,4 V output):
    100 Hz > 0,016%
    1 kHz > 0,010%
    20 kHz > 0,010%
  • Observance of RIAA-characteristic:
    > +/- 0,15 dB
  • Frequency response:
    0 Hz - 40 kHz +/-0,15 dB
  • Signal-to-noise-ratio:
    88 dB relating 0,775 Volt
    V= 100 
  • Operating voltage:
    15V DC
  • Current consumption:
    25 mA
  • External power supply unit
For our Canofer we exclusively applied the best components of well-known German and Suisse manufacturers like Mundorf, ELMA and WBT.

The connectors Nextgen® by WBT take care of a perfect integration to your phono equipment. Mundorf tin-foil-condensers create vital signals without loss of sound.

The board’s concrete dual-mono-structure and the perfectly attuned hand-selected transistors and components are adjusted to your MM- or MC-system with absolute precision by noise-free ELMA-switches. A special suspension-mechanism completely decouples board and enclosure. The board is totally shed and extra shielded to eliminate all sonic and electromagnetic faults.

For MM-systems there are 300, for MC-systems 1836 possible settings – you surely will find the right one for your system.

Turn-switches at the enclosure’s front allow an extremely comfortable setting!

Der Canofer S

is equipped with Mundorf Mcap Supreme and Mcap Supreme Silver/Oil foil condensers.
The sound gets more open, delicate and airy. A plastical musical portrayal without deduction of vigour is the consequence. The bass`s foundations become even more solid, the middles more luxuriant and the heights more „siky“ without loss of precision.
realisation: [Know Hau] Multimedia Solutions