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High Mass Precision Turntables
GML 45 GML 30

Technical Details
  • PLL controlled, collectorless, 3-polar direct current engine, minimal gyratory moment of inertia
    the rotor position-check is done inductively by the stator 33 1/3 U/min and 45 U/min adjustable by two potentiometers
  • height adjustable ball-feet (0-12mm)
  • string-drive
  • aluminiumoxyd-ball one-point fluid bearing, perfect pole rotation
GML 30
  • length: 470 mm
  • width: 440 mm
  • height: 250 mm
  • weight: turntable 36 kg
    bearing-unit with one pick-up-basis 25 kg
    motor-unit 16kg
GML 45
  • length: 470 mm
  • width: 440 mm
  • height: 285 mm
  • weight: turntable 47 kg
    bearing-unit with one pick-up-basis 25 kg
    motor-unit 20 kg
We developed our GML 30 and in continuation the GML 45 to create a solid and powerful base from which our pick-up-arm SI 1, combined with a good cartridge, can create a bright sound, strong and still full of feeling.

The production is mostly done in highly precise handicraft!

Two balls of aluminiumoxyd bear the 36/47 kg turntable in a fluid; between those balls made of one of the hardest substances to be found on our planet, the turntable has only one microscopic small point of contact.
The axis is precisely cut and polished to its bearing.

Due to their different composition, metals have different physical qualities that result in different acoustical qualities.
We used this knowledge to develop our GML 30 and GML 45 turntable’s optimised open-sandwich-construction with one layer made of a relatively soft aluminium-magnesium-alloy, the other of austenitic Inconel.
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